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My name is Patrick Heney. I am a software developer. I started programming on a TI‑99/4A when I was about 8 years old.

I graduated with a Bachelor's in Communication, and a minor in Computer Science.

While at university, I interned with a technology company in Washington DC, where I learned how to build computers.

I joined the military and completed a bachelor degree equivalent in Journalism. I graduated at the top of my class. I can report, interview, anchor, DJ a radio station, and produce commercials for radio and television, as well as shoot, produce and edit.

I started my career in the technology industry as a desktop support technician at a large hospital. Here, I was exposed to the complexities of the healthcare industry, especially HIPAA.

I accepted a simulation analyst position with a defense contractor working in a simulation lab. My job duties required a very broad technical skill set: quality analysis and debugging (Java), server installation and configuration (RHEL / RedHat Enterprise Linux), router configuration (CISCO IOS), as well as routine software installation, configuration and operation for all our simulation and tactical software systems. I did data configuration management for the simulation languages (DIS, MATREX). I built scenarios for the visualization software (VBS2) and wrote scripts to assist demonstrations. I held a Secret security clearance. I stayed through three contract changes -- where the existing company leaves and a new company comes in, and all the personnel are released from the out-going company and hired by the incoming company.

I started developing video games as a hobby, while working for the defense contractor. I have done many game genres and many themes. I can do 3d modeling, character rigging and animation. I enjoy building procedurally generated systems. I have written games in Java, JavaScript, C#, Android, and App Inventor (an open source Scratch-like application originally created by Google, currently maintained by MIT).

I took a year off and traveled to Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland.

I later accepted a position as a software developer for the County government. I was a sole contributor on a modernization project to migrate the Sheriff Department's traffic citation process from the legacy system (pen & paper) to a web-based application running on a mobile device. The application began as a non-functioning mock-up application thrown together by an intern. The project was then given to me to build. This was an end-to-end development project in the dot-net environment. I designed the database schema, wrote the server-side and client-side components in C#, and built the front-end component in bootstrap, augmented with a substantial amount of JavaScript.

In a position that evolved into a sole contributor, I rejuvenated a languishing project to update the District Attorney agency's aging case-management system. The project had been stuck in recursive meeting purgatory for three years prior to my arrival. I identified the key roadblocks and got the project going. Six months later, we went live for a limited number of users. Over the next year, we expanded the user base until all users were using the system and the antiquated system could be shut down.

I accepted a software engineering position with a software development company in Austin working on project management software for civil infrastructure projects. I spent a lot of time doing code optimization and refactoring JavaScript in legacy code, as well as root-cause analysis, debugging, and building UI mock-ups for the client.

I am currently enrolled in Purdue and working on an Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Engineering, with a focus on Machine Learning and Systems Design.

I continuously work to expand and deepen my skill set. I successfully completed the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence online courses taught by Peter Norvig and Andrew Ng through the Stanford Engineering Initiative. I have completed many other Computer Science courses, covering topics from system design to design patterns. I have also completed courses in economics, finance, business strategy, game theory, astronomy, physics, calculus, linear algebra, probability, statistics, and chemistry.

I am interested in all aspects of software development, and welcome any opportunity to pursue new avenues of mastery.


  • Software development
  • Simulations
  • Game development


  • MSE from Purdue in Computer Science, Industrial Engineering (expected graduation 2019)
  • BA from Virginia Tech in Communication, Minor in Computer Science
  • Certificate from Animation Mentor in Advanced Character Animation
  • Unity Certified Developer

Everything else you might like to know is on my resume or on my LinkedIn page.